The Reyon application within ERPA Mobil; bringing companies together with the right product, the right seller and the right price; At the same time, it is a shopping platform that makes it possible to supply technological products such as mobile devices, computers, tablets, which these companies need, in line with the desired budget. While working as the reference center of the rapidly growing e-commerce sector in Turkey, it operates as an application that allows making payments in a reliable and practical way with the "Certification of Confidence in Mobile". Confidence in Pocket is a payment-approval system that makes technology shopping over the internet more enjoyable and safer. In this system, the sale price is transferred to the seller's account after the product is received by the buyer and after the approval process.

Reyon application, where all shopping and payments are made with the guarantee of "Confidence in Pocket"; Thanks to its rapidly growing expert team and wide dealer network, it is becoming a preferred application in technology sales.